Poor Man's Fuzzy Finder

I recently realized I have been using a very simple replacement for the Command-T/Fuzzy Finder type plugins for quite some time, however I had never made it convenient for myself to do so. Today I pushed a small change to my .vimrc that I think will make things a little easier for me.

nnoremap <leader>ff :e **/*<left>
nnoremap <leader>fp :<c-p><left>

The first map allows me to quickly search for a file (by partial name) anywhere under the current directory using <leader>ff. If there are multiple files found that match the glob, vim will throw E77. If that happens I can use <leader>fp to load the previous fuzzy-find on the command line with my cursor where it needs to be for me to make the search more specific.

Obviously this solution is nowhere near as complete as a plugin dedicated to this task, however it’s as complete as I need it to be.

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